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Refractive surgery

  • Refractive surgery (LASIK, PRK, LASEK): Prof. Kaiserman performs laser refractive surgery using customized methods and the advanced “Wave front technology”. Refractive surgery can be either performed on the cornea (PRK/LASEK) in which a laser beam polishes the cornea without cutting and without any invasive surgery or by LASIK in which the laser treatment is performed inside the cornea and vision improvement is immediate and free of pain.
  • Advanced premium lenses to correct myopia and keratoconus: Patients with high myopia (glasses over 12 diopters) can be benefit from our special lenses that can correct both refraction and cylinder and are implanted into the eye in a quick and easy procedure. In high myopia laser surgery can be problematic and lens implantation is a better alternative. Keratoconus patients.
  • Correction of cylinder (astigmatism) by tiny corneal incisions (LRI, AK): cylinder (astigmatism) up to 6 diopters can be corrected by laser surgery, but when the astigmatism is higher it can be first reduced significantly by performing corneal incisions. The treatment takes a few minutes, can be performed in the clinic and is painless.